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Special Medical IT solutions

DatumMedics is also a system integrator for medical IT equipment including medical displays. We configure and manufacture specialist medical IT workstations for PACS, 3D imaging workstations, and other various medical applications. We also offer third-party PACS workstations from HP, Dell, and other major manufacturers.

We do not only sell products but also do installation services. We can install your workstations and medical displays, making sure your displays are calibrated to DICOM standard.  We calibrate different types and brands of medical displays including some modality displays.

We work closely with our clients in customizing implementation that may require new components and new applications. Creating and integrating new medical IT systems includes designing and building a customized application or integrating new hardware with legacy hardware running the same applications.

Our consulting, IT engineering and IT imaging team, with diverse medical industry and product design background, provides a full range of services including hardware and software design, analysis and testing, and calibration planning and advise for your medical displays. On-site testing engineers can also be deployed at your site for testing your products, calibrating displays, and other tasks.

Special medical IT solutions