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Assisting our partners in maintaining a healthier nation

About us

DatumMedics is a leader in marketing, distribution and installation of Medical IT Imaging and Diagnostics Solutions for Hospitals, Health Centres and Clinics. We provide high quality medical IT imaging equipment, solutions and services. Our medical IT equipment can be deployed in Dentistry, Radiology departments, Operating Theater or Surgery Rooms, Intensive Care Units, Recovery Rooms, Out-patient & In-patient departments, Sport Medicine Departments, Emergency Rooms (ERs), Medical Testing Laboratories, Ambulance Services and Rescue Groups, etc. We understand every application in the medical sector is unique.


DatumMedics provides thorough selection of high quality medical IT imaging and diagnostics solutions and services. We have put in place fast deliveries of medical IT imaging equipment and solutions. One of our key objectives is to maximize the uptime of our customers’ equipment by ensuring reliable components in initial phase of the project. Thus ensures a reliable operation and optimum lifetime of all DatumMedics solutions and products in a predictable, safe, and cost efficient manner. Moreover, DatumMedics is dedicated in developing long-term partnerships with its suppliers based on the foundation of mutual trust, brand, and commitment, and thus ensures long-term availability and high quality for our clients.






IT Medical Systems and Services