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Assisting our partners in maintaining a healthier nation


DatumMedics offers products that are fully developed, tested and medically certified. Our IT imaging and diagnostic products are world renowned for their high standards of quality and reliability.

Our IT Engineers and Imaging Consultants have many years of experience in medical IT imaging business. Experienced medical imaging consultants and IT engineers will commission your systems and train your employees to use the systems.

IT component product lifecycle is getting shorter and shorter, and the main challenge posed is how to maintain a client’s existing systems, whilst making sure replacement components are readily available, and cost effective.

Therefore, we are committed to revision control and try to do our best if possible to use the same component across all our product lines. In other words, we assure our customers with revision control notification if a component is subjected to change. In addition, we carry out all necessary test and approval with our partners for any replacement component in order to ensure smooth transition with minimal impact on your medical applications.

Customer satisfaction is our highest objective. Through regular customer surveys we strive for a continuous improvement of the quality of our products and solutions. We also put tremendous effort in improving cooperation and partnership between our customers and employees.