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DatumMedics Services

Keeping your hardware and applications running is the heart of what DatumMedics does. We provide expert application analysis and consulting at no extra charge for every medical products and solutions you are intending to deploy in your facility.


We carry out installation and commissioning work for our customers as well as offer consulting services and long-term after services. Our services bring operational efficiency and enable our customers to reduce cost. Moreover, our services are not standard but tailor-made to meet your business requirements. Therefore we don’t use a one-size-fits-all service strategy. We believe that all businesses are unique, whilst belonging to the same business sector.


We also offer support to clients ordering specific products that they would like to purchase from us and deliver to them in time. For such customers, DatumMedics has its dedicated inside sales personnel that fulfill all your ordering items. To assist you with order management, our customer service department provides automated services such as shipment notifications, reorder notification, and invoicing.


To find the right medical IT equipment solution for your needs, our experienced sales personnel and IT engineers are at your service to answer all your product application questions.


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DatumMedics Services