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The NEC MDC212C2 flat panel display systems for viewing of colour and grayscale digital images. Application include diagnostic image reporting in CT, MRI and other medical imaging techniques. To guarantee the display performance as specified, the display must only be used with NEC approved display controller boards.


Key Features

  • Reliable Image – integrated sensors such as the front sensor, proximity sensor or the illuminance sensor ensure long-lasting white point and luminance.
  • Quick Screen QA – the DICOM conformance test can be performed without the need to install any special software on the workstation.
  • DICOM out of the box – The display is calibrated at the factory according to DICOM Part 14.
  • Anti-Glare – unique anti-glare coating layer in order to minimize disturbing ambient light reflections.
  • Eco friendly – Less energy consumption and mercury free with LED backlight system.
  • Easy maintenance – GammaCompMD QA software included with the display enables easy calibration, maintenance and quality assurance ensuring accurate performance over the entire lifetime of the display.
  • QC Scheduler – automated process for calibration and DICOM Conformance testing.




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